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The Shirt - has developed from a garment of utility and turned intoa fashionable piece of clothes suitable for everybody and everywhere. A versatile article of clothing often symbolizing elegance and refinement but also an expression of liberty - the Shirt for centuries has accompanied and characterised the life of discerning men. Worn by emperors, generals and by common people without distinction - with the passage of time it has assumed different roles and meanings in whichever situation it is worn. A long sleeved shirt uses two sizing numbers, neck and sleeve, so a 16/35 shirt has a 16-inch circumference neck and 35 ins long sleeves. A short sleeved shirt is measured by collar alone, often with an SS (as in 16SS or 16/SS) to designate short sleeves. Waist measurements are not included in our calculations because the shirts we supply have traditional parallel styling and therefore have plenty of comfort-fit for most men.

Our club shirts are made of a luxurious blend of polyester/silk fabric and are sized large, but they will also comfortably fit sizes small and medium, measuring and sizing around the chest from armpit to armpit.

When Dress Code is important

You will find our Club Shirts to be a versatile addition to your clothing portfolio for all Special Occasions.
Manufactured from a luxurious blend of polyester /silk, this shirt will not let you down where a unique and stand-out appearance is essential. Leisure, pleasure, office or formal, - wear these shirts with confidence.

Product Summary:
  • Mandarin collar - short sleeves

  • Standard collar - short & long sleeves

  • Vibrant yet subtle colours

  • Fabric-covered buttons

  • Pattern-blended breast pocket

  • Stiffened collar

  • Parallel fit for waistline comfort

  • Double-button cuff adjustment

  • 8 Sizes Available

Mandarin Collar, Short Sleeve Club Shirt






Standard Collar, Short Sleeve Club Shirt





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