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 Welcome to Thai-Imports

Shirt Sizes from SM right up to 5XL

Introduction to Us
We are a United Kingdom online store dedicated to providing unique and exclusive clothing for men and women. Specialising in selecting and importing from Thailand - quality garments that will augment any wardrobe requiring a degree of Ethnographic choice.
Our Stock of gentleman's club shirts has now been updated with another 4 vibrant colours - Maroon, Green, Blue & Purple. Choices of Standard Collar or Mandarin Styled Collar, and to provide extra flexibility - Long or Short Sleeves !

Of Special Interest to the Ladies
More than 600 Superb Kaftans in Stock

0845 527 6053

You will find here a diverse selection of original mens clothing, all of which has been manufactured inside Thailand, giving you an insight into the superb design and tailoring concepts widely demonstrated in many areas of the country.


Oriental Inspired Clothing with
European Comfort Styling

Fine Quality Gentleman's Club Shirts will allow you to look the part in any situation - leisure and pleasure, office or formal - we have the style to help you standout.
Nothing ruins the look or comfort of a good quality shirt faster than a bad fit, which is why we rate as extremely important that the correct fitting requirement is correctly understood and shipped out for a "1st Time Fit "!.
A long sleeved shirt uses two sizing numbers, neck and sleeve, so a 16/35 shirt has a 16-inch circumference neck and 35 ins long sleeves.
A short sleeved shirt is measured by collar alone, often with an SS (as in 16SS or 16/SS) to designate short sleeves.
Waist measurements are not included in our calculations
because the shirts we supply have traditional parallel styling
and therefore have plenty of comfort-fit for most men.

Shirt Trivia
The Shirt
- has developed from a garment of utility and turned into a fashionable piece of clothes suitable for everybody and everywhere.
The Shirt - a versatile article of clothing often symbolising elegance and refinement but also an expression of liberty,
The Shirt - for centuries has accompanied and characterised the life of discerning men.
The Shirt - worn by emperors, generals and by common people without distinction, with the passage of time it has assumed different roles and meanings in whichever situation it is worn.

Cotton Kaftan from our Partner Site

A superior selection of Kaftans manufactured from a medium-weight 100% Cotton Batik printed fabric.
Bright flamboyant colours and eccentrically designed patterns give these Kaftans an instant stand-out feature, which can be a useful asset in either formal or social occasions. CLICK

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